Can You Tough It Out? Deciding to Stay or Go during a Renovation

People go on holiday for a lot of reasons, but not everyone would think of travelling while their house is being upgraded. Isn’t it more logical to stay and oversee the project?

Yes and no.

Like any decision that you make, choosing between staying and going during a renovation project has its share of pros and cons. You can make a better decision, however, when you base your choice on the following factors:

  1. Money

Did you know that some contractors charge more when clients stay on? The possibility of you getting in the way may slow them down, thus, the extra charge. If you don’t want to feel like you’re being kicked out, work with a contractor that will put your interest over their own, such as Nuvo Homes.

  1. Extent of the work

Is the roof about to collapse over your head? For your safety, you shouldn’t hesitate to move out. To keep the temporary move less stressful, stay in a guesthouse that offers quality accommodation at affordable prices. Since you’re home is being upgraded, you might as well make the most of your temporary relocation, right?

Going on a holiday while renovating is also a great idea when the work involves cutting off utilities to complete the project.

  1. Safety and comfort concerns

How much noise and dust can you take? If you check out the list of cavity wall insulation problems at Insulation Grants UK, you’d also see the risks that you might be exposed if you commit to this type of insulation. Would you rather stay then? Probably not.

By considering these factors, it will be easier to reach a final decision — go on a holiday. Before the renovation work starts, you should already have your itinerary prepared and travel plans made. Be sure to choose accommodation with great facilities, and schedule your tickets according to the schedule of the renovation project.

And while you’re on holiday, you can then review your options on how to make your home more energy-efficient. Let the following companies inspire you to make the right decision:

Some people may view going on a holiday while upgrading your home as an added expense, but it will do you a world of good. Because then, you won’t have to stress out while work is underway, and you’ll enjoy health benefits of travelling too.

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