Flights to Bangkok and holiday accommodation on the Isle of Man

Just the very mention of the name Thailand is enough to evoke images of tropical islands, beautiful beaches and bustling cities and those are only a few of many reasons why so many people have spent their holiday time away from school or work there in the past. Some other factors which contribute heavily to Thailandís popularity are the price, as Thailand is well known for being an affordable holiday destination, and one that those who wish to can stay in for quite a while without breaking the bank. The Isle of Man is not able to evoke the tropical images that Thailand is capable of, nor is it cheap enough to spend lengthy periods of time there without working, but it is much closer to where most of us reside making it much cheaper and easier to get to than Thailand is. The capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas, is located at the mouth of the River Douglas, and is a quiet town of about 26 000 people. There is plenty of accommodation to be found in Douglas, even more in Bangkok or other popular destinations throughout Thailand, and more information on these destinations is easily procured online.

Like Bangkok, Douglas offers both cheap and luxurious accommodation, but unlike Bangkok, the accommodation in Douglas is far from being abundant, which means that booking in advance in the holidays or around special times of interest is essential. Booking accommodation in advance for Thai holidays, those to Bangkok, the bustling Thai capital, or to other popular destinations throughout the country like Phuket and Koh Samui, two of many in the tropical Thai south is advised, and this can be taken care of online, through the same firm through whom one books flights with over the phone after looking at their website, Although Douglas is not a large city, it does accommodate over 30% of the islandís population, which means that one wonít have to travel far when staying in Douglas to take care of a few things as it is the islandís administrative centre in addition to being its largest town. There are a number of landmarks and points of interest to take in whilst staying in Douglas of which the Tower of Refuge and the horse drawn trams that run along the promenade from the Sea Terminal to the electric rail station are two of the most popular.

There are so many attractions in Bangkok that itís widely agreed that no one has the time to take all of them in which means that if the holidaymaker in question is only going to be in the Big Mango for a few days, they should make a list whilst on the plane, or even beforehand so as to be seriously prepared, of all the things that interest them. There are many other things of interest in Douglas besides the horse drawn trams and the Tower of Refuge, and these include the Manx Electric Railway. This picturesque railway has long been popular amongst visitors to the island as it offers wonderful views of the magnificent countryside through which it operates and part of the appeal to enjoying a train ride along its 17 mile track is the fact that itís kept separate from the road as it operates on private right of way and roadside reservation. A must see for all visitors to Bangkok is the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Keow, a magnificent complex that is within walking distance from Khao San Road, the popular backpacker area in which many hotels are located, many of which can be booked online.

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